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Capsizing, but still winning...

Peter Burling and Blair Tuke over the handlebars of their 49er at Palma

© Pete Burling and Blair Tuke over the handlebars at Palma
At the first major Olympic regatta of the European season, the Princess Sofia Trophy in Palma served up all conditions, from light to ridiculously windy and wavy. Even the world's best capsized, not least Robert Scheidt in the Laser, Giles Scott in the Finn, and 49er World Champions Pete Burling and Blair Tuke. Yet they still won the regatta. Pro sailors don't just practise for when stuff goes well, they practise for disaster too, and that includes rapid capsize recovery, one of the many topics covered in

At, we interview some of the top sailors and coaches in the world about how they go about the business of winning in sailboats. To get a flavour of what we do...


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