Schooling head of the Winter Warriors

Punt v Musto

© Tim Olin - Ben Schooling tacks to leeward of the Murrays' Norfolk Punt at the Fernhurst Books Draycote Dash

Ben Schooling continues to show how it's done at big multiclass handicap racing events. A lot of sailors look upon competing against other fleets as a distraction from their 'day job' of one-design windward-leeward racing. The Musto Skiff sailor looks at it differently. A perennial competitor on the Selden Sailjuice Winter Series, Ben believes that mixing it up on a busy race course with all kinds of boat sharpens you up for the more predictable moves of a typical one-design race track. Train hard, fight easy...

Meanwhile on, back to the business of having more fun and improving your racing skills. Whether you're an aspiring Olympic Champ or a humble club racer, there's always more you can do to step up your performance. To get a taster of what we can do to help you improve your own racing skills...

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