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Foiling is the new big tech in the sailing world. Since 2005 the International Moths have been flying around on hydrofoils but it was the 2013 America's Cup in San Francisco that really opened everyone's eyes to the ridiculous performance achievable by putting a sailing boat up on foils. Now foiling is beginning to trickle down to other parts of the sport, including the likes of the GC32 foiling catamarans, the Phantom, the Nacra 20 and many more coming on stream. As Mark Turner, the brains behind many great sailing ventures including the Extreme Sailing Series, says: “Foiling is the only thing that I’ve seen happen that has gripped an entire sport, from someone trying to make a Laser go foiling to kiteboarders, surfboarders and even people trying to paddle a pedalo with foils. It’s been a revolution. It’s a new set of speed dynamics.”

Mirabaud foiler
The Mirabaud foiler flying across Lake Geneva

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