Distance Racing How-To Series

Distance sailboat racing is a growing segment of our beloved sport. Offering new and different challenges, distance races around the world have attracted sailors with various degrees of offshore experience.

We teamed up with Quantum expert Dave Gerber for a short three part series with some essential tips and tricks for the novice distance racer and reminders for the salty veterans.

Part 1: Four Simple Onboard Optimizations

Part one digs into four simple onboard optimizations you can make to help ready your boat for distance racing; how to distribute weight, ensuring repeatable settings, adding bow lacing for safety, and setting an offboard lead.

Here are some more great articles to help you with your onboard prep:

  • Weighty Concerns: pro tips to help you make the best of weight onboard.
  • How to Pack Like a Pro: this piece was written to help transpac sailors - but it applies to anyone heading offshore for any overnight race.

Part 2: Reefing Your Mainsail

Part two gives you a step-by-step look at reefing your mainsail and shaking it out to return to full hoist.

Want more information about reefing? Check out these articles:

Part 3: Mastering Headsail Changes

Part three tackles headsail changes and two common options for completing the maneuver.

Not sure what sail to use or just want some more distance racing tips? Check out these articles for some insight:

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