This, from Richard Steele - Commodore Queen Mary Sailing Club
Dear Club Members,
I trust you are all safe & well at this time. I am pleased to say, together with our QM Council we are now getting ready for the phased re-opening of our wonderful Sailing Club. Firstly, and by way of a virtual introduction, our Industry respected General Manager, Tony Bishop and our equally respected Sailing Principal, Paul Adams, have completed a virtual video Q&A discussion with members of the RYA, part of the 'Planning for a safe return to boating' video that was published earlier today. We can all feel very proud that the RYA has chosen Queen Mary SC to present our opinions to all RYA affiliated Sailing Clubs.
Watch our Queen Mary celebrities here: 

Secondly, as you may know HMG, lead by PM Boris Johnson, will also be conducting an important Covid-19 meeting today to agree their strategy and to start the process of how to ease the current lockdown. There will then be a broadcast by the Prime Minister this coming Sunday 10th May 20. Whilst we don’t expect too many dates, we do expect news of the HMG’s plans for future ‘social distancing’ and group sports activities, which are so important to our own re-start strategy.
The RYA is also sharing our QMSC phased opening plans with the leaders of other Sailing Clubs, to help them develop their own plans and strategy, so that a consistent approach can be adopted across clubs and centres for the re-opening sailing. A copy of our phased approach chart can be seen in the picture below.
Finally we are, given the situation in which we find ourselves, in good shape to weather the storm in the short to medium future. Whilst you can imagine, it will take a couple of good seasons to return to full prosperity, but return we will. In the meantime, we have been developing our phased strategy for some time now, I think like me you will be very impressed how quickly we can at least start to offer limited access to the lake under necessarily modified, strict operational & safety rules, with an HMG green light.
Stay tuned for developments, in the next few days Sailors.
Kind regards Richard Steele - Commodore Queen Mary Sailing Club