Video: OnCourse Ep. 5 – Big Spirit

The stunning Spirit 111 is up and running - and Matt Sheahan had her all to himself for the day… So, what is this remarkable, innovative and striking eco-friendly superyacht like, and why is comparing her to a classic J Class from the 1930s so relevant? Watch the video above to find out.

From cruising to flat out racing, in this episode take a look at what the IMOCA60 skippers were really saying as they hammered their way from France to Iceland before trickling their way back in what turned out to be an incredibly close race.

Plus, find out how one of the world’s leading dinghy manufacturers is leading the way in electric motorboats.


01:31 On Test – Spirit Yachts 111
14:24 Vendée Arctique – In their words
21:53 DockTalk – 11th Hour Racing, Bavaria C42, Reckmann
25:05 RS Pulse 58 - The all electric RIB

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