Andy Rice catches up with the 2019 Nacra 17 world champion Vittorio Bissaro to discuss how the lockdown is going in Italy, postponing the Olympics, and comparing different approaches to sailing. Vittorio's outlook on life, and his sailing, is so broad ranging and deep thinking that it's tempting to draw comparisons with another famous Italian, Leonardo da Vinci. But Vittorio's not having any of that. Hear what he DOES have to say on life, the universe, coronavirus, and Nacra 17 sailing...

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00:00 Olympic postponement and how Vittorio is coping under the coronavirus lockdown in Italy

05:05 Virtual Training Session: how to keep improving your skills even when you can't sail

06:28 How long will the Italian Nacra 17 trials go on for?

07:12 Why Vittorio feels uncomfortable living this 'virtual life'

09:20 Why didn't Maelle want Andy Rice to autograph a copy of his book???

11:40 Is 'Professor' Vittorio more German than Italian?

14:50 Success is a formula that can be applied to anything - even gardening!