Webinar 1: The Future of Dinghy Sailing


00:00 Welcome & background

06:50 The Future Customer project
“What will this industry be looking like (or contending with) in the next 5-10 years?”

20:30 Consumer & social trends
“Every other sport and activity retailer is competing for the time and money of these people.”
“The trend towards much more online communities, the club activities going on without the actual need for a building.”

31:39 What is growing in boating & watersports?
“There’s a lot of things going for the lifestyle sports that are very quick and easy to do. And you don’t necessarily have to belong to a club to do them either.”

42:05 Be there when people want to find you
“We are working to find some way to make access by the internet a little bit easier—to find your club.”

48:11 Considerations for clubs & providers
“A few of the issues that we regularly hear about that clubs are coming across…”
“It’s really important that we think about the messaging we give to members who might be passing on coming to our club.”
“This isn’t a one-off problem. We see a lot of this Members Only “you can’t come in” “are you a member?” kind of activity.”

53:55 Taking a look ‘over the fence’
“First impressions and first experiences are really important.”
“How we talk about the sport needs to change, that we don’t just talk about what’s convenient for the industry.”

59:40 Young people participation
“I believe it’s this more casual version of sailing where the future lies for the most participation. Yes, racing is still key, but the enjoyment of sailing is paramount.”
“If two different clubs have got different ideas proving successful, you're going to get the cross-pollination of these ideas. Why not talk to another club where you see things are succeeding and say can we do an exchange program with you?”

1:12:16 Adapting the product offer
“Is there another way of bringing people in?”

1:17:23 Reducing costs for organisations
“We’re all trying to do similar things, so why not buddy up and share some of those costs and burdens?”

1:19:08 Collaboration and the community
“Are we inviting and accessible?”

1:22:22 Summary
“There’s a window here for about five years while the domestic sailing classes still have a good turnout. After that, it’s feared the whole scene could disappear.”

1:29:57 Q&A
“We completely agree there are clubs doing it right. What we're trying to do here is make sure that those ideas can be then put into action over more clubs classes and events.”

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