World Sailing Show - May 2017



  • Better than new – Winding the clock back on a VO65
  • Capsizing a $multi-million Cup boat…..and recovering
  • How America’s Cup boats fly – Foils explained
  • Trofeo Princesa Sofia – The classic Palma regatta
  • TP52 Super Series - A new pecking order in Miami


  • Better than new – winding the clock back on a VO65

Over 40,000 miles, flat out, around the world, always raced, always rallied and always with the accelerator pressed firmly to the floor. The Volvo Ocean Race boats had a tough life last time around. But now the fleet is back and ready for another flat out lap of the planet after an extensive refit.

A high mileage, pre-owned offshore racing machine that has been flogged for nine months by a crew on a mission might not be everyone’s first choice for a second flat out circumnavigation, so we went to Portugal to find out just how the VOR Boatyard claims to have created boats that are better than new for the next race.

  • Capsizing a $multi-million Cup boat….. and recovering

With just weeks to go to the 35th America’s Cup, teams are tuning up their final race machines, their precious AC Class cats.

Thousands of man hours and millions of dollars have been poured into each boat and teams are only allowed to build one. After years of development and detailed build, break one now and it may be too late to fix it.

So when the team goes for a swim, heart beats go through the roof.

  • How America’s Cup boats fly – Foils explained

When it comes to America’s Cup secrets, dagger board details are top of the list. Get their design right and winning will look easy. Get it wrong and each lap of the course will feel like riding a velodrome on flat tyres.

So how do Cup foils work and what are designers trying to achieve?

Softbank Team Japan lead designer Nick Holroyd explains.

  • Trofeo Princesa Sofia

This year’s annual Olympic classes regatta in Palma drew a big fleet of over 600 boats. For many of the competitors it was another step along the path to Tokyo 2020 but this year had some surprises in store.

  • TP52 Super Series - A new pecking order in Miami

The TP52 fleet won’t forget round two of the 2017 Super Series in a hurry. Four days before the event started one boat had lost her rig. Two races in and one team were lucky not to have lost the whole boat.

Miami had opened with a bang as the breezy conditions and close quarters racing took their toll. But by the end of the week the fleet had something else on its mind, a new pecking order



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