The new 'big rig' 49ers compete at the Semaine Olympique Francaise in Hyeres for the first time.

Some interesting points to watch for:

  • Note the cost of getting your pin end start line approach wrong.
  • Look how powered up the boats are, in not a lot of wind...
  • Nice examples of gybing a 49er kite, particularly by Ben Rhodes with the 'G4S' white gennaker. A bit of a 'blow through' and a bit of a 'pull through' - a sort of hybrid of the two. You'll probably only get away with this if you:
  • a. have a new, crispy kite
  • b. have rapid arm speed and excellent timing
  • Look how late they leave the kite drops at the leeward gate. This is OK if it's light (which it is), but much more breeze and you'd be better off getting the gennaker down early.