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Psychology: sailing out of your mind...


 Spanish 49er team in a state of worry...

Xabi Fernandez and Iker Martinez having an anxious moment during a general recall at the 2008 Olympics


In one-design racing, where your equipment is the same as everyone else's, there are only two ways to beat your opponent - through superior physiology (your size, weight and fitness) or through superior psychology (just about everything else!).

Psychology is perhaps one of the most neglected parts of sailing - it's always easier to mess around with your boat than with your mind, isn't it! But we're here to change all that. Sorting out the way your mental approach and the attitude you bring to your racing is one of the most effective ways of improving your results on the water.

Learning new mental skills will do you more good than buying a fancy new tapered mainsheet or auto-ratchet. What's more, these skills will never wear out, and they won't cost you a penny either! What more do you need to know? Read on, and find out for yourself...

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